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Kids in Preschool

About Us


Tammy Villanueva, MS

My Best Behavior Coach CEO 

Behavior Specialist / Coach

Child Parent Relationship Therapy Specialist

Early Intervention Specialist

"I love this age; it can be challenging and hilarious in the same minute." Tammy Villanueva, MS


Parenting with clear expectations and positive discipline can be as important as anything else a parent does to shape their child into a successful human. It truly is where the magic happens and is, of course, the most important job in the world.

​Tammy has worked with hundreds of families and dozens of daycares/pre-schools offering strategies to help with behaviors and keeping peace/creating joy.

Relationships are the key to success in life and often, only a few tweaks to their current strategy is all a family needs to see improvement in behavior and happiness in the household.

Reaching out for help can be difficult, I bring peaceful/positive solutions to your family and help you feel more confident as a parent.

My Best Behavior Coaching Philosophy


We understands you have fears and anxieties around raising your child(ren). This is very common.  We understand that inviting in a coach can be a difficult choice.  Rest assured; We provide a no-judgment zone. My Best Behavior Coaching is a program designed to be goal focused, not mistake focused.

The solutions you are seeking are just a click away.

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