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Getting Started

The first step is your free consultation. At that time we will assess your needs and possibly schedule your 1st session at a special introductory rate. Then we will decide if we would like to start working together and I will make a recommendation for you and your family's game plan for the future,

  • Free Consultation

    This is a quick assessment with valuable tips.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Review current needs and issues
    • Receive valuable tips to apply immediately
    • See if we are a good fit to work together
    • Book 1st Session, if we decide that we should move forward
  • 1st Session

    Special introductory rate to help you get started easily.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Dig deeper into the issues at hand
    • Develop a strategy to resolve negative behaviors
    • Implement new habits
    • Decide on follow up strategy
  • Child/Parent Relationship Therapy

    10 Week Group Course (Virtual)
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Empathy and Understanding: Active listening
    • Child-Centered Approach: Focuses on the child's perspective
    • Emotional Regulation: Teaching children coping skills
    • Positive Reinforcement: Build strong parent-child connection
    • Effective Communication: Parents express their feelings
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